NewVIc College Open Day Booklet

NewVIc sixth form college hold regular open days for both prospective students as well as their parents. As one of the largest sixth form colleges in the UK they have a wealth of information they need to convey during those events.

During each open day, NewVIc holds a range of special events and taster sessions. The college also needs to communicate their own vision for the future of the college and its students. The booklet we created links directly to the prospectus, guiding students and parents through the day they attend and beyond.

nv opendaycover

Open day cover design.

nv openday spread1

Interior page design, a vision for the future and introduction.

nv openday spread2

Interior page design.

nv openday spread3

Interior page design.

nv openday spread4

Interior page design.

nv openday spread5

Front and back cover design.

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