Ad Campaign for NewVIc College

Highly successful and growing advertising campaign designed to attract new students to the college, as well as showcasing success stories from past alumni.

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By The Numbers

NewVIc College saw an increased uptick across all key metrics during the duration of the campaign and the weeks that followed. All in all creating a highly succesful creative campign with well placed assets across key areas and attracting the right demographic.

nv 78

A massive 78% of contacts referenced the campaign we created when contacting the college.

nv 63

Within the duration of the campaign NewVIc saw an increase of 63% in total unique visits to their website.

nv 54

The campaign oversaw a 54% increase in conversion rates of visitors to the website into new contacts.

newvic photos


Working with the team at NewVIc we commissioned and Art Directed photography of ex-students who had gone on to Higher Education. Students we're selected and invited to attend a session at the college.



To contrast the photography and to add some depth and points of visual interest we developed some illustrations that were then also supported by further custom illustrations drawn in-house.

The Campaign

The campaign itself took the form of posters placed at key strategic bus stops, and tube station access points. As well as externally on buses.

nv poster1
nv poster2
nv poster3
nv insitu4
nv insitu3
nv insitu2
nv insitu1
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