Ethos & Theory

We're a close team of designers, strategists and developers. Covering web design, branding, print and strategy. Our success is measured by the success and satisfaction of our clients, and we pride ourselves on the relationships and quality of work we foster.

Clear Thinking, a Simple Ethos

Clarity of thought, truly embedding ourselves into your business and getting under the skin of your challenges, allows us to define exactly what we need to do, together, to achieve your business goals. We help build brands and grow businesses through effective design, focussed strategy and added value, whatever the size of client or task at hand.

We keep things simple, because it's easy to get bogged down in details that can distract the creative process from concentrating on core results. Everything we do is backed up by a rationale that means we never create for the sake of decoration, we never spend budget where we don't think we can add real value and we'll never release work we're not completely proud of. From the littlest things, to the biggest things, everything is given the same care and attention.

Our work, and the array of clients we work with, is the best evidence of our creative process. Beautiful design, carefully executed, clearly communicated.

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Great Design, is Born Out of Great Relationships

The foundation of everything we do is based on building a relationship with you, our client. We're completely honest and transparent about the way we work, what we do, how we do it and why.

Our clients trust us to be awesome at what we do, and see us as custodians of their brands. Only by truly appreciating who you are and what your challenges are can we start to distill the very best method of creating solutions for you. We treat every single client requirement as a unique creative challenge. We've worked across a range of industries, never shying away from new mediums or methods of working. Our clients come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, but we'll always treat them with the same level of care.

We're incredibly proud of the long collaborative relationships we've built with clients, some of whom we've worked with for years. Our business depends on the success of our clients and we're an agency that's always in touch and reaching out to make sure everything is A OK.

Core Services

Every single piece of work we create crosses over a variety of different disciplines, but everything is born of incredible ideas. We can't create a website in isolation without appreciating your brand. We can't understand your brand, without taking in strategy and the way you communicate. Ideas are the accumulation of understanding who you are, then finding the right execution to solve your challenges.


Strategy is the soul of every project. With in depth research and understanding of your business and sector, we define what your strategy should be. How to set you apart and make you standout. A strategic approach to all our work lets us build lasting relationships with clients. Continually appraising their vision and direction and refocussing the strategic lens to optimise the value of work we produce into a single coherent message.


Brand is more than just a logo. Brand is the embodiment of who you are, what your business does and how you want to be perceived in the world. A great brand will build faith and communicate your vision and values, it'll set the foundation and tone for everything you do. We create brands, help evolve brands and push well established brands further, with integrated well thought design across every brand touchpoint.

Web & Digital

The best digital experiences, whether websites or web apps, are born of smart design and a clear strategy. Highly tailored creative solutions, effective and engaging web experiences, that work across a variety of screen sizes, help build brands and boost business. Our websites have helped our clients make more sales, convert more users and engage with wider audiences.


It's fair to say the death of print has been greatly exaggerated. The sheer tangible nature of print makes it a highly compelling medium of communication. Our clients understand that a well crafted piece of print, from the paper stock, printing method and structure of visuals and copy can tie into, and compliment an overall creative strategy across a range of communications. Whether it's a brochure, product packaging or an outdoor media campaign, print is king.

Integrated Campaigns / Innovation

From brand auditing, competitor / sector analysis and customer profiling. We work closely with our clients to ensure we establish a clear vision and design seamless communications, across any given medium. We work with clients to innovate their current practices, to help streamline and find real work effectiveness. Helping them realise a larger potential as well as reinforcing brand and values.

Clear Theory & Process

There are no hard and fast 'steps' when it comes to design, every challenge is unique and so needs a unique way of being handled. What we can tell you is that everything starts with listening and understanding. Listening to who you are and what challenges you want to overcome or what goals you want to achieve. Understanding why those things are most important to you, and how they'll positively impact your business. Then developing a coherent creative strategy that clearly shows a pathway to enabling you to do what you want to do, communicate what you want to say and grow as a business.

clear listen


Agencies love talking about themselves, but the first thing we do is listen.

We listen to your story, who you are, your organisational culture - everything that makes you, your business and sector tick. Then we delve into what your challenges are, what you want to communicate and who to. It's now that we ask the most powerful question, why? Asking why? lets us understand the real value of what you want to do, it allows us to filter what's truly important and get a structured strategy in place.

The more we know, the more robust our solutions.

clear distill


With your story and challenges in hand, we set about distilling exactly what your core issues and ambitions are. This is where we bring clarity to your story, with solutions that get to the heart of your brief. The scale of those solutions is also designed to be sympathetic to a clients scale as well as maximising impact, whether a client wants an immediate hit or if they want a longer campaign of communications.

Solutions we surface at this point always go further than the client might ever have expected, and tend to give them a new perspective on what their challenges really are.

clear create


We take great design as a given. Our breadth of work, shows that everything we design is visually compelling. But scratch the surface of those designs and whats revealed is the depth of ideas and strategy that goes into solving client problems. Powerful interactions that are incredibly well thought out and designed means users feel like their experience of your brand is seamless and easy.

The ideas, strategy and creative direction comes to life in this process, we involve our clients through an iterative creative process to make sure they feel complete ownership and faith in the work they trust us to deliver.

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